owned by Scone Village Association

Terms and Conditions

We request that all users treat this facility with respect and leave it litter free and ready for use by following users.

All users must adhere to the following rules while on the court.

Absolutely No


If the court hire is cancelled then a charge of 10.00 will be levied if the cancellation is made within 24hours of the booked time.

Disclaimer / Safety

Although Scone Village Association inspect the playing surface at regular intervals, it is essential that all users of the Ball Court inspect the surface prior to using the court and remove any foreign objects found.

The Scone Village Association will not accept any liability for injury to any person or persons making use of the Ball Court irrespective of the cause or causes.


The planning conditions applicable to the floodlights are that the lights must be extinguished by 9.30pm each evening. It does not matter how many tokens are inserted, the lights will switch off at 9.30pm. An emergency light will remain on for 10 minutes to permit safe exit from the court.